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St. Clare is a faith community that began sharing Eucharist in members’ homes in 2012. Presently we meet at the Spokane Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP) administration building (3102 W. Whistalks Way) to celebrate Eucharist, the Sacraments, and other events. We attempt to follow Jesus' example of unconditional welcome, love, and respect.


We seek to provide an atmosphere and environment where those who participate in our community will experience spiritual renewal and growth. We strive to reach out beyond our boundaries in compassion and service to those in need.


St. Clare is a community within the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. We practice a horizontal model of self-governance where decisions about our practice are made through the consensus of all members of the community. Individuals are called by the community to roles of leadership. Our priests are present as sacramental ministers, not administrators.


We seek to honor, love, and respect our Creator and our neighbors by welcoming everyone and excluding no one from participating in our celebrations. We welcome ALL who desire to share Eucharist with us in the fullest sense. Communion will not be limited or denied from anyone who desires to share it with us. 


We believe that all people are created equally in the Image of our Creator. We honor personal beliefs, choices, life styles, and situations. We celebrate the skills, desires, and talents that we each have to offer and exclude no one from sharing those gifts with the community.


We invite you to join us if you are seeking to develop and celebrate your spiritual journey in a contemporary manner that is guided by the Spirit and teachings of early Christianity. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of our staff directly. 



The St. Clare Community


Jim Murphy.jpg

James Anderson Murphy


Linda Kobe-Smith.jpg

Linda Kobe-Smith


Rose Mary ii.jpg

Rose Mary Volbrecht


Mary Kay.jpg

Mary Kay Fairbanks


Pastoral Administrator

Beth Weller

Paul McDonnell

Bob Vogeler

Dan Kobe-Smith



Craig Abbs





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