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We began meeting in the Spring of 2012, and gathered to celebrate our first Eucharist on June 17, 2012.

Due to our continued growth we moved to our current site in March, 2013.

We have only two goals in mind. First, that folks who participate in our community will experience spiritual renewal and growth. We might call this "the inside job."  And, second, that we will reach out beyond our boundaries in compassion and service to those in need. We might call this "the outside job."

It has been our experience over the past several years that many people have grown uncomfortable, 
and perhaps even felt unwelcomed, in their church. If sociological research is to be believed, 
many in the mainline denominations have quit participating altogether. Yet, for most, there remains 
a still small voice within, a spiritual hunger, a thirst for more. It is our hope to provide a fresh, contemporary alternative to those who seek one; a contemporary way to respond to that inner spiritual hunger,

that desire for more.
All of the great spiritual innovators throughout human history, and even down to our day

have taught the way of love and compassion, not judgment or exclusion. 
We aspire to stand in the mainstream of that great tradition. 


We seek to welcome everyone, and exclude no one. We seek to follow the example of Jesus, who reached out in compassion to the disenfranchised and the marginalized,

and shared meals in friendship with the outcast and sinners.

It is our deepest hope, and prayer, that you continue to discover the presence of God within your own heart,

and that this awareness leads you to live  a more peaceful, compassionate life. 
If you have been seeking, or even have curiosity about, a contemporary alternative way, 
we invite you to check out the community of St. Clare.

Again, welcome to our website.  If you have any questions or concerns,

please feel free to contact any of our staff directly. 

The St. Clare Community

Jim Murphy.jpg

James Anderson Murphy


Linda Kobe-Smith.jpg

Linda Kobe-Smith


Rose Mary ii.jpg

Rose Mary Volbrecht


Terri McKenzie.jpg

Terri McKenzie

Priest Emerita

Mary Kay.jpg

Mary Kay Fairbanks


Pastoral Administrator

Beth Weller

Paul McDonnell

Bob Vogeler

Dan Kobe-Smith



Craig Abbs





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